Code of Practice

What is the code of practice?
PAT testing is an unregulated industry, because of this you never know what qualifications or knowledge a PAT tester will have. The Guild of PAT Testers is changing this. All of the PAT testers in the guild are required to take a yearly exam to check their PAT testing knowledge is good and up to date. Our code of practice requires that PAT testers follow the guidelines set out by the Institution of Engineering and Technology and our complaints procedure strikes off any unsatisfactory members from the guild.

All testing will be carried out in accordance to the IET Code of Practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment

  • All plugs opened, inspected, and fuses checked
  • fuses replaced when required
  • earth (as required), insulation and function tests on all appliances

Low voltage appliances should not be charged separately to their power supplies
An AC to DC power supply should be PAT tested but any low voltage appliance plugged in to the power supply should not be stickered and charged as PAT tested.

No hidden charges
When giving an initial quote to a customer all charges should be explained. If there are optional charges for repairs etc then the customer should be given the option before the repair is undertaken. If a minimum call out or cancelation fees apply these should be explained at the time of booking.

Complaints Procedure
We look in to any complaints that are made against Guild of PAT Testers members. If the complaint is well founded we will discuss the complaint with the member. Should a member have 2 or more complaints lodged against them they are likely to have their guild membership revoked.

Click here if you need to make a complaint about a member.